Elettrozinco is a certified company in the mechanical industry and is specialized in the surface treatment of metals and, in particular, in pickling and passivation procedures for metals: steel (austenitic steel, martensitic steel, duplex and super duplex, titanium, special steel), brass and copper, aluminium. Elettrozinco passivates metals according to the following regulations:

  • ASTM A380
  • ASTM A967
  • EN 2516C1
  • ISO 16048
  • Specific regulation requested by the client

The Company guarantees to provide a rapid and qualified service the Client’s every need, not only for the pickling and passivation procedures, but for the whole manufacturing process.

Elettrozinco’s operating system is run by a team of experts and qualified people. The attention given to the quality control of the materials provides feedback regarding all possible issues with the materials themselves, and not strictly those related to the manufacturing, pointing out the anomaly through specific modules, thus optimising the whole production process and providing the Client with an efficient service.
Every step of Elettrozinco’s production process is done in compliance with the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2008 certification. At the end of the manufacturing process the Client will receive a production certificate.