The Company was founded in 1981 in Erba, province of Como, Lombardy. Giovanni Ratti, after numerous experiences in the industry of hot forming and heat treatments for metals, decided to use all he had learnt to craft a new entrepreneurial method and, along with his brother Mario and, later, with his daughter Daniela, he founded a new company, Elettrozinco, an exciting new experience.


The company immediately started to earn its place on the market thanks to the quality of its products, the limited costs, the ongoing support and the attention towards the Clients’ needs.
Without any doubt, the key to past and present success is the deep knowledge of the entire production process behind the manufacturing.

Deeply understanding the origin of each piece helped the company, and still does, to find a way to optimise the processes and to execute the treatments the best way possible.

Starting from these initial experiences, Elettrozinco was able to create its own unique way of doing things, and build its know-how…

But for Elettrozinco, know how will always be limited to knowledge.

Since then, the Company has deeply changed: Giovanni is gone, and Elettrozinco has moved from electrolytic galvanization to pickling and passivating metals.
For some years now, Elettrozinco has picked up the torch, with the intention of channelling its enthusiasm towards new productions and markets.
This was the spark that made the Company shift towards pickling and passivation.

With the spirit and the enthusiasm of over 30 years of experience, the owners and their associates keep building this business on a daily basis, with the idea to improve an entrepreneurial method fully devoted to quality.

This Company can safely claim that is able to deal with any problem, according to the aforementioned regulations (ASTM A 380, ASTM A967, EN 2516, ISO 16048, specific regulation requested by the client), related to the industrial sector of pickling and the passivation of metals such as: brass, aluminium, copper, steel and stainless steel.

The owners and company members’ motto could be summarised as: “This is the job we chose and we do it with great passion!”