Elettrozinco: quality and skills in the metalworking sector, from 1981 to today

Elettrozinco has its roots in Erba, in the province of Como. It was founded in 1981 by the will of Giovanni Ratti, who after having gained a long experience in the field of hot metal stamping and heat treatments, decides to open his own company. In this way, together with his brother Mario, later flanked by his daughter Daniela, Elettrozinco takes his first steps. Then, year after year, experience after experience, Elettrozinco comes to specialize in passivation and pickling of metals.

The quality of the finished product, low costs, continuous assistance and availability towards the customer, have made it one of the most important companies in the Lombard engineering sector and beyond.


More than 40 years of experience
Product quality
Low costs
Continuous assistance

Surface treatments steel, brass, copper and aluminum

Thanks to the quality of the services offered and the continuous updating on techniques and treatments of steel, brass, copper and aluminum, Elettrozinco has won the trust of its customers.

The key to success is to be attributed to the deep knowledge of the supply chain upstream of the processing. In fact, Elettrozinco’s attention does not only concern pickling and passivation treatments, but the whole production process.

It may happen that we get pieces with defects due to processes prior to ours. Where possible, Elettrozinco offers advice and assistance to its customers so that it is possible to correct them and save on any additional costs. Our strength is the assistance we can provide in certain situations.

We will put our skills and experience gained at your service, to identify the most appropriate treatment to be carried out based on the condition of the piece and the use that will be made of it.

Satisfied customers
Tons of materials
Years of experience
decapaggio acciaio

Surface treatments steel, brass, copper and aluminum

Today Elettrozinco has profoundly changed, turning its interest and enthusiasm towards new productions and markets. We no longer deal with electrolytic galvanizing but with pickling and passivation of metals. These two chemical treatments of metals allow you to remove the impurities of previous treatments that have released oxides and to resist the action of corrosive agents.

Despite this natural evolution, the attention and transport that have always characterized us have not changed. We can confidently affirm that we are the ideal partner to face any market request. Our work today concerns purely the world of pickling and passivation, with reference standards (ASTM A 380, ASTM A967, EN 2516, ISO 16048, legislation on specific customer request) for metals such as steel, stainless steel , aluminum, brass and copper. Furthermore, Elettrozinco guarantees maximum secrecy and loyalty to its customers, also with the possibility of countersigning confidentiality agreements on drawings and projects, which are strictly respected.

Thanks to the quality of the services and the experience gained over the years, today Elettrozinco is one of the excellences in pickling and passivation treatments in Como and its province, also following projects throughout Italy and abroad.



Attention and professionality in all stages of the work


For over 40 years in the metalworking industry


all employees are hired for an indefinite period