Consultancy and quotes for metal processing and treatment services in Como

Elettrozinco offers advice on metal processing and treatment in Como and throughout Italy. Our staff is highly trained and puts all the necessary experience at your disposal. We can perform chemical treatments on steel, brass, copper and aluminum. Elettrozinco offers its customers the assistance and advice necessary to carry out the chemical treatment of metals, suggesting the best solution according to need. We will be your trusted partner to allow you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


Once you have contacted us, our commercial sector will interface with you to create the best possible quote, based on your needs and taking into account all aspects related to the materials to be treated.

In this phase we will check if the customer needs reference regulations in particular on passivations (ASTM A 380, ASTM A967, EN 2516, ISO 16048, legislation on specific customer request) or that concern the complete cycle of the treatment: degreasing, pickling , passivation.

Supplier qualification

Our suppliers are carefully chosen, through an analysis of the historical documentation of the entire employment relationship of previous years. The maintenance of the supplier is guaranteed by a careful evaluation that regards its ability to meet the needs and that takes into account not only the costs, but also the assistance through excellent laboratories and qualified technicians.

controllo magazzino
Incoming material checks

Each incoming batch of work is carefully checked before processing and during the working phase. In this way we can provide our customers with any feedback. In the event that Elettrozinco manages to identify a defect in the material, this will be reported through a special coded form dedicated to this topic.

Customer service

For Elettrozinco it is essential that any metalworking is carried out optimally. For this reason, we offer our customers all the assistance they need. In fact, where possible, Elettrozinco offers assistance to correct any previous errors and save on any additional costs.

Delivery time

Elettrozinco guarantees and respects the delivery times agreed with the customer. Elettrozinco has an internal system that allows it to maintain its operational quality at the highest levels and at the same time to guarantee rapid delivery times.

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