Elettrozinco: treatment passivation of brass and copper

The passivation of brass and copper is the treatment that is carried out on these metals, with the ultimate goal of giving more shine and protection to the treated pieces. The passivation of copper and brass is carried out using chemical compounds designed specifically for the materials to be processed and is performed by Electrozinc through immersion. The treated pieces, once dried, immediately appear more shiny and brilliant and are ready to be used also in design projects.

All the products used by Elettrozinco for passivation comply with the requirements of the regulations in force, just as any processing is carried out in complete and total compliance with the safety measures for the workers.

Copper and brass passivation: the importance of this process

With passivation we restore brass and copper to a state of brilliance. Also in this case, as in that of the other metals to be treated, degreasing is always carried out before proceeding with the other processes and the final passivation of copper and brass. In this way, traces of oils, greases and powders will be eliminated which could prevent Elettrozinco from obtaining an optimal result.

The passivation of copper and brass is also called decontamination and serves to create a protective film around the product, so that it is protected from atmospheric or chemical agents that could compromise its appearance and resistance. The passivation of brass and copper serves to improve resistance to corrosion, but not only. Passivated brass or copper are not only more protected, but also more shiny and brilliant. In fact, these two metals have a natural tendency to brown when they come into contact with external agents. Thanks to passivation, on the other hand, the surface will be preserved longer, thanks to the creation of a protective film.