Elettrozinco provides consultancy for its metalworking in Como

Elettrozinco guarantees a consultancy service and continuous comparison with its customers, to better satisfy any request that is made. Together we will evaluate the best solution to meet any needs, based on the characteristics of the metal and their use. All the treatments carried out by Elettrozinco allow to remove rust and polish metals, bringing them back to a new life.

Thanks to our qualified staff, constantly updated on all the news in the sector, and to the in-depth knowledge of steel, brass, copper and aluminum processing techniques, we have won the trust of our customers. We are in fact at the customer’s full disposal to evaluate any request or problem. Elettrozinco today is one of the excellences in chemical metal treatments in Como and its province, also following projects in the rest of Italy and abroad.

Consultancy on chemical treatments of steel, brass, copper and aluminum

Consulting on surface treatments of steel, brass, copper and aluminum is one of Elettrozinco’s strengths: together with our customers we study the best solutions for any metal, always paying particular attention to the optimization of production processes.

We try to satisfy any request with precision and timeliness. Our goal is to become the best partners you could wish for for the entire supply chain of the work process.

Our knowledge does not only concern pickling and passivation treatments, but we are able to recommend the most suitable treatment in a targeted manner, based on the condition of the piece and the intended use of it.